The Best Running Shoes: Adidas's ADIZERO Prime X Strung

ADIZERO Prime X is the best running shoes at present.

Simon Lockett said "We picked the Prime X because it's our North Star innovation at the top of the Adezero line."

It's the out-side-of-the-rule-book kind of shoe.

Adidas's ADIZERO Prime X Strung is not about the chunky midsole.

ADIZERO has the data driven X Strung upper, coded thread by thread, which provides -

"Seamless, lightweight cocoon" around the foot providing comfort and support to the runner.

The launch of the shoe also marks the first time Prime X Strung has been commercially available.

Adidas's ADIZERO will be available from 29 September 2022 at Adidas UK.

ADIZERO will be available at a price of $295 and AU$455 at Adidas UK.